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Address Service Co., Ltd.

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Address Service is a Total Outsourcing Company of One-Stop Solution Service. We handle various types of products, as well as world class major brands’ products. We cover operations from importing to after service operations in Japan nationwide.

We are here to backup your company business.

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(Certificate of Excellency)

Customer Satisfaction
Received Champion and Awards

Achieved Customer Satisfaction 100%

Company Policy
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We catch the diverse needs of society and offer the high value services, that aim to our customers delight.

All in One

one stop solution
one stop solution


  • PC, Smartphone, Table
  • Micro Soldering
  • Hight-density Packaging
  • Refurbish

Contact Center

  • Call/ Mail
  • Repair
  • Customer Support


  • Storage, Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Import/ Export


  • Assembly
  • Kitting
  • Configuration
  • Inspection


  • Reliablity Test
  • Product Evaluation
  • Evaluation for Mass-Pro Design
  • FMEA, Service Ability


  • EC Site Operation/ Management

Video Production/ 

  • Movie
  • WEB Design
  • System
  • Application

EC Website

  • EC Site Construction
  • Management
  • Payment Agency



From delicate machinery such as PC, smartphones, gaming devices, and also home appliances, camera and robots, many companies have chosen us because of our advanced technical capabilities and quality, and safe security system.

The features of our repair center is in the multiple effect by paralelling the contact center. Setting both operations in the same area is the key of our speedy and reliable customer support.

check mark 2 Million annual repair units

Contact Center

From handling a 24 hours 365 days of overseas elevator maker company, we also handle several types of businesses call services for major domestic companies.

check mark 40 Call Centers

check mark 250 Booths


We accept receiving and shipping, stock management of products and parts for several major beauty products companies and major domestic electronic makers that their headquarters are based in overseas.

check mark Stock yards boasting
the scale of 66,000 sqm


We put “Customer Satisfaction” at first priority and our workers are producing products, with thoroughly quality awareness for our clients and end users.

Production Support
(Engineering Service)

ADS provides consistent support from the product planning stage to production.


By conducting an opeation test based on the usage environment of users, we make an effective feedback of evaluation and tests for developing products, and provide continuous improvement for partners.

Video Production/

From creating a Manual, Company video, Promotion video to Event video, we handle various types of contents, and create the best content for your company business.

EC Website
(Designing and Operating)

We develop an online shop that can provide all kinds of services, from logistic system for receiving and shipping products, developing sales network, to developing a before and after sales supports.

Supported Products

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PC/ TabletPC icon

Tablet PC

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Professional Video Device icon

Video Device

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Medical Equipment icon


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3D Printer icon

3D Printer

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Customizable Operation One-stop Solution Scheme

Not only one service, we make it possible for our partners to customize different operations depending on their needs. From Logistics, Production, Sales, Call, Repair, Contents, ADS offers flexible service according to clients’ wide variety of demands.

What makes us different?

We provide services such as Repairing products, Logistics, Developing and Operating online shopping, Video making in one stop. You can customize each services depending on your business needs.

As Total Outsourcing company, we focus on understanding our partner’s business and to make sure linking-up each services. By taking the barriers away between services and linking together, we make it possible to provide a high value services.

Greetings from our CEO

Tadashi Takeo

We’re Address Service Co., Ltd. and we’ve been providing our customers extensive service operations such as, Repair, Contract Production, Contact Center, Logistics related services, System Construction, Video Production, since its founding with a vision of “We catch the diverse needs of society and offer the high value services, that aim to our customers delight”.

To meet the expectation of high level skills, we provide our workers trainings and qualification acquisition system. These systems connect not only to enhancing our worker’s skills, but for them to have more understanding about privacy policy and uphold compliance with high ethics view.

We assure you that Address Service Co., Ltd. will keep evolving, by changing the service value into improving operations, and support your company business by being your BEST PARTNER.

Company Outline

Company Name Address Service Co., Ltd.
CEO Tadashi Takeo
Date of Establishement March, 2006
Capital 310,000,000 Yen
Head Quarter 17-9, Shinoda, Togane-shi, Chiba 283-0013 Japan
  • Repair Service
  • Call Service
  • Logistic Service
  • Contract Production Service
  • Engineering Service
  • Data Analysis, Reliability Test
  • Data Analysis & Product Reliability Testing
  • Video Contents Planning & Production
  • EC Site Development & Operation
  • Temporary Staffing
Licensed Number
  • License for General Worker Dispatching
    Undertakings (12-300159)
  • License for Payed Employment
    Placement Business 12-ユ-300079
Group Company Address Tsusho Co., Ltd.
3-6-6 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-8588 Japan
Mailing Service, Logistic Service, Staffing Service


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Privacy Policy

Based on the “personal information protection policy”, Address Service Co., Ltd. will clarify the usage purpose of the personal information beforehand and will handle appropriately, when acquiring personal information from the principal,

(However, we may omit the posting of personal information whose usage purpose is obvious by interview, business card exchange, etc.)

When we are outsourced from our client company

(1) For repair, storage and shipping business of electrical equipment, information communication equipment
(2) For physical distribution processing, packing shipping business
(3) For individual data creation and storage work
(4) Questionnaire, campaign application acceptance, data processing, shipping business

When we directly obtain personal information

(1) Selection of persons who wish to work to us, to inform the results of the selection and to manage personnel of the employer
(2) Personnel registration in temporary staffing work and introduction of occupation
(3) Others, to respond to requests for information, inquiries and consultation

We will not use or provide personal information acquired except for purposes other than the following cases.

(1) When there is consent of the person himself/ herself
(2) When you use it in a state where you cannot identify yourself (statistical data etc.)
(3) When it is permitted by related laws or guidelines or guidelines to use for purposes other than purpose of use

On purpose of using personal number

We will use personal numbers such as employees, their spouse and dependent relatives collected from our employees (including officers etc.) for the following purposes.

Employee’s personal number

Affiliation withholding slip clerk
Declaration on property formation savings, notification form and application form submission
Notification, application, requesting business related to health insurance/ welfare pension insurance
Notification, application, requesting business related to employment insurance and workers’ accident insurance
Clerical work on tax returns on retirement income
To those who are members of the Employee Stock Ownership Council, to provide to the Employee Stock Ownership Council for payment record preparation affairs

Personal number of employee’s spouse, dependent etc.

Affiliation withholding slip clerk
Health insurance/ welfare pension insurance notification office work

【Company Name】

Address Service Co., Ltd.

【Personal Information Protection Manager】

Senior Managing Director

【Complaint consulting service for personal information protection】

General Affairs Department (personal information complaint/ consulting service)
Our company is a target company of the following certified personal information protection organization.

【Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and Application for Resolution of Complaints】

Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization
Japan Information Economic and Social Promotion Association
Complaints addressed to
Personal information protection complaint consultation room
Street address
Roppongi First Building 12F, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032

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